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Superior Starter Kit Description

The Superior Starter Kit is just one more way for Etomic to show how much we care about our customers. Most Starter Kits come with a 450mah or 600mah battery and the cheapest atomizer a company can find. At Etomic, we don’t believe in giving our customers anything other than the best. Our Starter Kit comes with a 900mah battery that will give you up to 800 puffs and can be recharged hundreds of times, a top quality atomizer, and high quality metal casings. The coils inside will last for weeks if not months and can be replaced anytime you desire for less than $2. We have also included a free travel pack as well as one free Eliquid of any flavor you desire. A $50 value anywhere else online, for only $19.99. Our way of saying welcome to Etomic Vapors.

If your liquid ever starts to taste a little burned it is time to replace the coils. For maximum performance replace your coils every 2-3 weeks. This will essentially make your atomizer a brand new device again and draw maximum flavor from your Eliquid every puff.